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* [[Tree/FAQ|C++/Tree Mapping FAQ]] * [[Tree/FAQ|C++/Tree Mapping FAQ]]
* [[Tree/Customization guide|C++/Tree Mapping Customization Guide]] * [[Tree/Customization guide|C++/Tree Mapping Customization Guide]]
 +* [[XSD/Schema compilation checklist|Schema compilation checklist]]
* [[Xerces tips|Xerces-C++ tips]] * [[Xerces tips|Xerces-C++ tips]]
 +* [[Binary serialization|Binary serialization]]
== Official Resources == == Official Resources ==
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* [ C++/Tree Mapping Getting Started Guide] * [ C++/Tree Mapping Getting Started Guide]
* [ C++/Tree Mapping User Manual] * [ C++/Tree Mapping User Manual]
-* [ Berkeley DB XML Integration Guide]+ 
 +== Community Resources ==
 +* [ Article in the C++ Source journal introducing XML Data Binding in C++]
 +* [ Various ways to handle pervasive content using the xml:base attribute as an example, by Jeroen N. Witmond]
 +* [ Handling configuration files with XSD and C++/Tree, by Jos van den Oever]

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The C++/Tree mapping is an in-memory XML Schema to C++ mapping that represents the information stored in XML instance documents as a statically-typed, tree-like object model.

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Official Resources

Community Resources

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