Open source projects that use XSD

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Open source projects that use Codesynthesis XSD

  • percolator An analyzer of biological mass spec data. License: Apache License version 2. It uses the streaming functionality in Codesynthesis XSD to read big XML files. CMake is used to build binaries for the platforms: Linux, MacOS and Windows. NSIS is used for Windows packaging. The code is available at github.
  • LEESA: Language for Embedded quEry and traverSAl: License BSD. LEESA is a domain-specific embedded language (DSEL) in C++ to write declarative traversals over typed object structures, such as an XSD-generated object model. LEESA provides a powerful notation for writing xpath-like queries (e.g., child axis, descendants, and wildcards) without relying on string-encoded xpath queries. BoostCon'11 conference had a video recorded session on LEESA.
  • Art Of Sequence A set of tools for digital sequence creation. License MIT. XSD is used to provide C++ support for our xml-based digital sequence description language called AOSL.
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