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This page contains information on using the X3D schemas with XSD.

The "Issue with includes" thread on the xsd-users mailing list discusses the problem that arises when compiling these schemas in the default, file-per-schema mode. This thread also suggest a solution to this problem that involves modifying the schemas. Alternatively, you can use the file-per-type compilation mode which was introduced in XSD 3.1.0. For more information about the file-per-type mode see this blog post.

The following options are recommended to compile the X3D schemas:

--root-element X3D

In the file-per-schema compilation mode, if your C++ compiler runs out of memory while compiling the generated x3d-3.0.cxx, then you can overcome this by splitting x3d-3.0.cxx into several parts with the --parts option, e.g.,

--parts 3

and compiling each part separately.

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